Meet Your Keynote Speaker

Richard Yonck

Richard Yonck is a professional futurist and keynote speaker with Intelligent Future Consulting in Seattle. He's also the author of HEART OF THE MACHINE: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence. A best‐seller in several categories on Amazon, his book is now required reading in numerous college courses involving machine learning and/or user experience/interface design.

As a consultant, Richard has guided businesses through the ever‐shifting technology landscape for nearly three decades. He explores short to long‐range futures for clients, readers, and audiences with an eye to how this knowledge can help them better prepare for potential eventualities and to promote their preferred future. Writing regularly about the future and emerging technologies, Richard’s work has been featured in numerous publications including The Futurist Magazine, Scientific American, World Future Review, Fast Company, Wired, Psychology Today, H+ Magazine, American Cinematographer and The Seattle Times. He’s been interviewed and quoted about future developments in numerous mediums, including The New York Times, BBC News, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, SAP Digitalist, Sports Illustrated, Singularity Hub, Next Avenue, and numerous podcasts and radio programs. In an earlier career, he wrote award‐winning, nationally distributed science programs.

Richard lives in Seattle, where he is currently working on his next book about the future. He’s an executive board member of the Association of Professional Futurists, as well as a member of the National Association of Science Writers, the World Futures Studies Federation, and a TED speaker. You can find him on the web at intelligent‐, and follow him on Twitter where his handle is @ryonck.