About Right! Systems

We offer IT consulting and support services with the ultimate goal of providing our customers with increased productivity and a lowered cost of ownership.

Right! Systems, Inc. (RSI) has been providing multi-vendor IT solutions and services to clients in the Pacific Northwest since 1993. We provide deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, application, and infrastructure services. Our solutions help with increasing productivity and end-user satisfaction, so you can refocus talent and energies on your core business and decrease total cost of ownership.

Our team does this by providing solutions that adapt to our customer’s continuously evolving market, and this is achieved through a collaborative effort. Our engineers are equipped to seamlessly integrate products into your IT Infrastructure and deliver the best solutions that will meet your organization’s unique IT needs. As a comprehensive provider of consulting, integration, procurement, and support services, we are there every step of the way. From the design phase through implementation and beyond, you can be sure we have a solution that will work for you.

Our Approach

As a system integrator, we believe every successful project starts with Discovery. Our architects strive to discover and understand your unique environment, users, and goals.

We design environments based on your needs. Whether it’s cloud, on-premise, or hybrid, we can tailor solutions to fit your company’s portfolio and budget.

We understand technology does not live in a bubble. Our approach crosses verticals and technologies to ensure that what we deliver seamlessly integrates into your environment.

We empower your IT department to support and understand your technology. We believe that educating and training staff along the way enables them to be more effective for your organization.

Our Unique Value Proposition

“Regionally focused in the Pacific Northwest with national reach providing honest value for nearly 30 years. Successful outcomes are shared amongst our customers, partners, and people. Innovative ideas engineered to solve unique business challenges today and tomorrow.”

Our Stance on Sustainability

The Earth’s ecological processes provide us with clean air, fresh water and food to sustain life, and the raw materials to make the products we use every day. Right! Systems Inc. (RSI) cares about how our activities can impact the Earth’s ability to continue providing these essential ecological services to future generations.

Sustainability involves using resources more efficiently and in ways which benefit the environment, customers, business and local communities. Operating our business more sustainably means considering the environmental impacts of operations at RSI offices and the lifecycle impact of the products and services used and sold.

To operate more sustainably, Right! Systems strives to:

  • Provide customers with environmentally-responsible products, packaging and services;
  • Educate and engage RSI employees on the importance of conserving resources, reducing waste and recycling;
  • Use resources – energy, fuel, water and materials – more efficiently and responsibly to minimize our environmental footprint.
  • Continue to work with manufacturers and distribution partners who embrace our environmental initiatives
  • Strive to design and implement environmentally responsible business solutions for our customers 
  • Continue to look forward towards new sustainability solutions and embrace those most beneficial for the environment

Right! Systems will reduce e-waste generation by 30% and achieve a 90% recycling rate for end-of-life electronic products by 2025, promoting sustainable consumption and responsible disposal practices.

Right! Systems has established a goal to collaborate with suppliers to reduce Scope 3 emissions by 30% through sustainable sourcing practices, transportation optimization, and waste reduction initiatives by 2025, contributing to a more environmentally responsible supply chain.

To become a more sustainable organization, RSI will work with its suppliers to improve the environmental aspects of the products sold and services provided. Our goal is to continue to operate more sustainably, while maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment.

“At RSI, our mission is to provide world-class IT solutions that help our customers manage costs, people, and processes associated with their business's technology needs. We deliver these solutions in a manner consistent with our core values and strive to develop a culture that is always based on nurturing long-term relationships and delivering honest value for the solutions we provide.​”
John P. Minor
CEO, Right! Systems, Inc. ​

Our Vision and Core Values

Through effective management of our people, process, and solution offerings, we strive to provide best-in-class technology solutions to our customers as their trusted advisor, all while maintaining a working environment that allows our employees and company to grow professionally and personally.



Right! Systems has been named as one of the Fast Growth 150 2023 by CRN.