Right! Systems is partnering with Citrix and Microsoft to deliver and implement solutions for a secure digital workspace.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop provides an easy path to modernize your environment and reduce data center spending. Together, with robust Citrix management tools, administrators can take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop including the new multi-session Windows 10 capabilities, extended support for desktop operating systems, and optimizations for Office 365 Pro Plus, while providing the best end-user experience through Citrix HDX optimizations.

Download the e-book to learn more by clicking the link below, https://citrix.sharefile.com/d-s17087906f4b48e09

Our experienced engineers have been working to develop our services on Azure cloud and optimizing Office, Windows 10, and virtualization together to give you the best virtual Windows experience from any device, anywhere. Citrix’s 30-year partnership with Microsoft is apparent in the quality of solutions they provide together. PLUS, Citrix is offering the full feature set of Citrix Managed Desktops subscriptions for up to 250 users per qualified customer for 90 days at no cost with no commitment.

Five reasons to choose Citrix with Windows Virtual Desktop:

  • Enjoy day 1 support of Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Centrally manage multiple environments and workloads 
  • Optimize productivity and experience 
  • Gain IT management flexibility and extended security on your path to the cloud
  • Simplify desktop migration to the cloud

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