Celebrating Twenty-Six Years!

Jul 23, 2019

When Right! Systems, Inc. was born twenty-six years ago, it was created on the very clear vision of our founders John P. Minor and Timothy R. Pask. 

Their vision, though simple in nature, was one that was truly difficult to achieve – “The relentless drive to serve our customers.”  This vision molded Right! Systems, Inc. in 1993, and it has stuck to this day. This translates to the people who work here, each of them having the internal fortitude to do what’s right and to deliver honest value to the people we serve. Whether in Sales, Engineering, Operations, or Support, each person’s role is to cater to the needs of the customer.

The world of technology is ever-changing, but what has not changed is the customers need for a partner whom they can trust. If you went back through the last twenty-six years and asked any of our customers what it was about Right! Systems, Inc. that earned their business, their feedback would consistently be:

  1.     We trust them
  2.     They know what they are doing
  3.     They have a very talented staff
  4.     They always make it right! – no matter what
  5.     We believe they are truly looking out for our best interest

Technology, people, and partnerships will change, but what will never change is what we have always believed, “People work with people they trust.” This belief has nurtured us and will take us to our next twenty-six years and beyond!