Embracing Windows 11: Navigating the Transition with IGEL OS

Jun 26, 2024

As we stand at the threshold of Windows 10’s End of Service, businesses are confronted with a critical decision point. With an estimated 240 million devices unable to support Windows 11 due to processor limitations, the urgency for a strategic transition plan has never been clearer. This moment presents a unique opportunity for us to help guide you through these changes with expert guidance and solutions to effectively navigate the evolving landscape.

Understanding the Challenge

As of March 20th, 2024, approximately 40% of devices (240 million) are incompatible with Windows 11 and fall short of meeting the Windows 11 requirements. The processors listed below encompass models that meet the minimum specifications across supported processor generations:

  • AMD
  • Intel
  • Qualcomm

Strategic Options

Navigating the Windows 10 End of Service challenge demands tailored solutions that align with your strategic objectives, budgetary constraints, and long-term IT vision. At Right! Systems, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, we present three strategic options:

Option 2: The Most Strategic Choice

IGEL OS is here for your Windows 11 and Windows 365 upgrade needs. Designed for cloud-delivered digital workspaces, IGEL OS is the next-generation edge OS that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and supports the latest features of Windows 11. Transitioning your Windows environments to the cloud or data center while implementing IGEL OS locally is a strategic decision that simplifies migration, meets modern digital workspace standards, and embraces workspace technology evolution.

Long-term Value

Advantages for Organizations:

  • Cost Optimization: By repurposing existing hardware where suitable, customers can avoid the financial burden of new purchases. This approach also reduces the need for many third-party applications, cutting costs and simplifying operations, demonstrating fiscal responsibility and resourcefulness.
  • Sustainable IT: Designed for longevity, Lenovo desktops combined with IGEL OS’s energy-efficient design significantly reduce the environmental impact of IT operations. This lowers endpoint device energy consumption and electronic waste, improving your organization’s CO2 footprint.
  • Operational Efficiency: Realize substantial savings on hardware, deployment, maintenance, and energy consumption. This will strengthen your organization’s overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits for IT Teams:

  • Enhanced Security: IGEL OS is built on a proactive security model with a minimal attack surface, featuring read-only access and a trusted chain of trust. This ensures robust endpoint security for digital workspaces.
  • Simplified Management: IGEL OS streamlines the patching and updating processes, reducing complexity and workload in maintaining a secure IT infrastructure.
  • Reduced Support Needs: Organizations using IGEL OS experience fewer endpoint-related support incidents, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and improve overall service delivery.
  • Empowered Remote Work: IGEL OS enables secure and flexible remote work capabilities, eliminating the need for complex VPN setups while maintaining comprehensive IT control and user satisfaction.

Partnering for Success

Right! Systems is offering a free assessment of your Windows environment to support your transition. This assessment will prepare you for the end of service for Windows 10 and help guide your strategic transition plan to Windows 11 with IGEL OS. Request your free assessment using the form below and let us know if you have any questions about IGEL OS and its benefits.

As we prepare for Windows 10’s End of Service, using IGEL OS is the most strategic option to navigate the transition to Windows 11 smoothly, ensuring compatibility, efficiency, and security at every step. Let’s embrace the future of digital workspaces with confidence and expertise!

For further guidance and detailed specifications, visit the official Microsoft resources here.