Practical Security for a Connected World

Feb 18, 2021

With almost 5 billion people actively using the internet worldwide (Statista), investing in a high-quality, tailored cybersecurity plan should be a top priority for all organizations. Because within that number of internet users – there are hackers browsing the web every day with the intention to steal sensitive data and inflict malicious cyber harm on those left without a strong, multi-layered defense.

Our security practice at Right! Systems is one of a kind in terms of quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. We are your one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity needs, offering various malware protection services and solutions designed to safeguard your sensitive data and prevent cyber-attacks. 

Chief Information Security Officer:

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the core of an organization’s security practice – and lucky for us, we have the best of the best! Tim Ellis, CISO at RSI, focuses on understanding the security challenges in the current and future state of business operations and works with customers to better prepare them with the right tools, skills, resources, and capabilities for overcoming cybersecurity threats. Although Tim is kept quite busy managing our security operations, he always dedicates time to ensure that our customers are equipped with effective solutions that align with their budget and business risks and goals.

Areas of Cybersecurity Expertise Include:

  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Access Control (NAC) 
  • Web Application Firewalls 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and SSO 
  • Data Governance 
  • Vulnerability Management 
  • Email Encryption and Protection 
  • Data Encryption  
  • Managed Detection and Response 
  • Managed Risk
  • Managed Security Operations

We also have the in-house resources to provide Managed Security Services for organizations who need an extra hand. By entrusting our team to manage your cybersecurity initiatives and responsibilities, you’ll be able to conduct business as usual with minimal disruptions while also saving on costs by eliminating the need to maintain a fully staffed security department. Not to mention, you’ll get the benefits of faster deployment times, access to an extensive technical tool bench, and that (much needed) peace of mind you’ve been longing for by letting our security experts do what they do best. 

Managed Security Services include:

  • Managed Risk
    • We constantly monitor your environment for vulnerabilities, reducing your attack surface while also helping manage/patch. This includes external vulnerability and internal vulnerability assessments, quantifying cyber risk posture, and host-based vulnerability assessments.
  • Managed Detection and Response 
    • Broad Visibility: Telemetry enriched with threat feeds, OSINT data, CVE information, ATO data, and more to provide granularity and context.
    • Expertise: Our security experts have hundreds of years of combined experience with cybersecurity accreditations like CISSP, HCISPP, CCSP, CISM, CRISC. Our experts perform proactive threat hunting for suspicious activity while providing you with informed incident insights and a streamlined plan of action.
    • Coverage: We provide 24×7 continuous monitoring for threats and risks, a five-minute response time in detecting and alerting on critical events, and real-time remediation.
    • Continuous Improvement: Our team performs security posture reviews that evaluate the root cause of threats and provides recommendations to improve posture. We also hold quarterly reviews to help you design, implement, and achieve your security vision.
  • Security Infrastructure Management 
    • Multi-Factor Authentication and SSO
    • Firewalls 
    • Network Admission Control 
    • Endpoint Management and Security 
    • Email Protection 
    • Privileged Access Management 

Contact us today to take a deeper dive into our security practice – ask us questions – ask for recommendations – ask for a quote – we LOVE to talk cybersecurity! You can even participate in our Security Landscape Assessment, where our Account Executives and Chief Information Security Officer work together to assess your current security landscape. This assessment provides us with the proper insight needed to protect you from cyber-attacks. Based on the assessment results, we immediately start working on a threat defense methodology and security roadmap tailored to fit your specific needs. It’s as easy as filling out the form below to get started!

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