Realize the Potential of Your Cloud

Feb 4, 2020

Realize the Potential of Your Cloud

Make the Most of Your Cloud Investment

By far, the biggest impact that cloud has had on business is how we all work. Before, work was considered a “place,” where you went to an office to access resources that were contained behind a corporate network and firewall. Today, work is far more dynamic. Employees can access company resources that reside in private and public clouds from anywhere—connecting to them from wherever they need to work, on any device they choose.

To keep up with the demands of this ever-changing workforce, many organizations have adopted too many clouds, too quickly. This rapid rate of adoption has created several challenges that prevent businesses from capitalizing on their cloud investments—particularly when it comes to increasing user productivity.

New Ways of Working Create New Challenges

IT Cloud computing may have transformed business, but the shift hasn’t come without growing pains. Increasingly, organizations are struggling to deal with such issues as:

  • Poor user experiences – With multiple clouds, apps, and services being used by organizations, users are struggling to maintain access and get the performance they expect to do their jobs efficiently. As they connect to different environments, the experiences can vary widely, causing lots of user angst as well as confusion on where to store data. Plus, employees are having to juggle multiple passwords to get access, slowing down productivity and causing a rise in help-desk calls for support. Lastly, some of these new services (like videoconferencing or meeting apps) require a lot of bandwidth, which can greatly affect application performance.
  • SaaS and web app security risks – Let’s face it, SaaS apps are difficult to secure because they’re not on your infrastructure and IT only has limited control. Because of this, companies are often unsure about how to manage things like restricting the copying of confidential content or preventing the spread of malware from unsanctioned apps.
  • Limited insights – Because cloud apps and services reside on someone else’s infrastructure, organizations only get a narrow view of what their users are doing. And it’s even harder to improve performance or the user experience when these services are spread across multiple platforms.

Getting More Out of the Cloud (and Your Investments)

Fortunately, all of these challenges can be overcome with a secure digital workspace. This integrated platform can make life easier for both IT and your users because it can enable better user experiences, close app security gaps, and also deliver more holistic visibility so that you gain intelligent and actionable insights.

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