Right! Systems and Tricerat Webinar

Jul 30, 2019

Right! Systems & Tricerat Webinar

Improve Administrator Experience by Improving End User Experience

End User Compute in a Citrix Environment – It’s All About the End User!


First things first, what is a webinar? A webinar is an online seminar in which a speaker presents relevant information to the audience. One of the best parts about attending a webinar is that you can be tuned in from the convenience of your own home, your smartphone, or even when you’re hanging out with other people! 

Right! Systems and Tricerat teamed up to bring you a fun and educational webinar focusing on how to improve End User Experience and Administrator Experience at the same time in a Citrix environment! Learn how to enhance and extend your Citrix environment with implementable strategies for better management. Some key takeaways from this webinar include,

  • Tips for enhancing your Citrix environment
  • How to improve and increase security to protect your organization
  • How to increase company productivity
  • How to put time back in your day through more effective management

Meet Our Speakers!

Bob Allred, EUC Architect & Lead, Right! Systems: Bob is a specialist in the design and support of Citrix and Microsoft Networks as well as a VMWare technology professional. He has over 12 years of experience in the architecture, implementation, and management of Enterprise Level End User Computing environments. Bob and his team focus on the Citrix platform to include Citrix Cloud, Virtual Apps and Desktops, and NetScaler ADC as well as supporting systems such as profile management, remote access, security, and optimization of the user experience. Also, Bob is the Right! Systems End User Computing Practice Manager, leading a team of eight certified engineers. In 2014, Bob was awarded the Citrix Partner Engineer of the West.

Chris Svehla, Sales Engineer, Tricerat: Chris attended the United States Air Force Academy where he majored in Aerospace Engineering. He has been with Tricerat since 2016, starting in technical support where he leads the team in closed cases and NPS score. He took that technical knowledge and outstanding customer service over to his current role as a Sales Engineer, helping new and existing customers integrate Tricerat solutions into their environments. Chris has become the company expert in all thing Citrix, including EUC in Xen/Virtual environments. Working closely with marketing and development, Chris helps to guide the direction and implementation of new features to Tricerat products, as well as help to bring clarity and technical accuracy to customers, whether talking to them during a live demonstration or at events throughout the country.

In this modern and fast-paced world we live in, webinars seem to be the hottest thing when choosing how to consume information. Below are some popular reasons to attend webinars!

  1. Convenience: Since Webinars take place over the Internet directly on your computer, there is no need to leave the office or factor in travel time. Mobile devices are also making it easier to attend Webinars. Being able to listen and/or view a session from your tablet or smartphone gives you the option to view them at any time, in any place.
  1. Career Development: Knowledge is power! To advance in your career, you should never stop learning and expanding your knowledge. A real benefit of webinars is that they are uniquely positioned to deliver relevant and timely information designed specifically for your industry and area of expertise. 
  1. Make Connections: Yes, webinars may not have quite the same effect as coffee breaks at a conference or workshop. However, online connections should not be underestimated! There are still many amazing opportunities to connect with hosts and collaborate with like-minded attendees in the tech industry.