Right! Way Tech Radio: Printing in Citrix Environments with Tricerat

Jul 9, 2019

Tricerat Tools to Ease Print Management for Healthcare Organizations

Tricerat’s Chris Svehla calls in from Maryland to discuss how their printer solutions and our services assist the healthcare industry using environments like Citrix.  Chris continues to talk about the various printer management solutions along with their expertise on overcoming difficult compliance challenges for healthcare organizations.  

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Meet the Speaker

Chris Svehla is the Solutions Engineer and Senior Technical Support Representative at Tricerat and has been with the company for over two years. Tricerat helps businesses with printer and print driver management and offers multiple tools for various environments. Printing, scanning, and user management should be easy. 

More About Tricerat + Right! Systems

Tricerat solutions combined with Right! Systems’ services will simplify your print, scan, and user management for CitrixVMware, and Microsoft RDS environments. Set up a demo today with our team of experts, and we can walk you through the benefits and functionalities to achieve better enterprise management.

About Right! Way Tech Radio

Right! Way Tech Radio was created to highlight the incredible work that our manufacturing partners and Right! Systems employees are doing for our customers every day. With so much to cover in this ever-changing technology environment, what better way to catch the latest trends and projects from our partners than to listen to them talk about what they know best!

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