Right! Systems & Mimecast – Working Together to Stop Cybercrime

Jun 18, 2020

Right! Systems is partnering with the leading names in security technology to provide you with a full suite of services and solutions customized to meet your needs. Mimecast is one of those valued security partners, and together we are working to safeguard your organization from even the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Our security goals for your organization include identifying business and risk requirements, improving your security process, enhancing existing tools, and implementing new tools where needed.

Who is Mimecast?

Mimecast is a cybersecurity provider that helps thousands of organizations worldwide make email safer, restore trust, and bolster cyber resilience. Mimecast’s 100% cloud-based suite includes email and web security, archive and data protection, and awareness training to help organizations with their cyber resilience strategy. They ensure no email downtime during server migrations, technical failure, or human error while also empowering end users with engaging training and self-service applications.

Benefits of working with Mimecast & Right! Systems

  1. Safeguards Your Corporate Web: We can provide enterprise-wide visibility and protection against cyber threats across email and web channels and increase productivity by blocking inappropriate business websites.
  2. Reduces the Risk of Human Error: We can make employees an active part of your defense, reducing human error and improving your security culture overall.
  3. Builds Cyber Resilience: We can eliminate business disruptions with security controls before, during, and after an attack by providing multilayered protection.
  4. Protects Your Data: We can reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of the modern enterprise while simplifying e-discovery with the fastest archive search speeds.
  5. Works in Your Ecosystem: We can easily connect Mimecast with your existing security ecosystem, allowing for shared insights, threats, and capabilities across multiple systems.

If you’re an organization looking to reduce security threats, if you struggle with IT constraints and need an easy to use single platform, or would like to meet complex compliance and data regulations, then Mimecast and Right! Systems are the perfect fit for you! We are very excited about our partnership with Mimecast and how together, we will create an ideal cybersecurity environment for organizations in need. Click the button below to set up a meeting to discuss Mimecast solutions or any other security needs with one of our reps and our Chief Information Security Officer, Tim Ellis. 

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