Safer Schools with Cisco

Feb 13, 2019

Making Strides Towards Safer Schools and Campuses

Educators everywhere are well aware of the threats present throughout the school day to both them and their students. These days schools aren’t just at risk of physical threats, but cyber threats have become an ever-increasing problem in campuses across the country. Cyber-phishing attacks are always lurking with teachers as a primary target while cyber-bullying is targeted at kids both in the classroom and at home preventing them from focusing on their school work. In addition, both children and teachers alike are at risk of breaches that release personal record information and could potentially cost schools thousands of dollars to rectify after every breach. 

These are some of the many reasons why our partners at Cisco are pledging to make schools and campuses safer! Cisco, along with Right! Systems, can bring in systems, equipment, and engineers that can help your educational institution solve your network issues while also being mindful of cost. Click the button below to learn more about how investing in Cisco systems can protect the teachers and students who rely every day on the network that connects them. 

Connected Classroom Handout by Cisco

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