Simplify Your Security Operations with Cisco XDR: Unlocking the Business Value

Jun 1, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, adversaries constantly find new ways to breach organizations’ defenses. With the increasing complexity of security environments and the rise of sophisticated attacks, businesses face higher risks and costs associated with security breaches. However, Cisco has developed a powerful solution to address these challenges and unlock significant business value:┬áCisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

Comprehensive Detection and Response:

Cisco XDR offers a robust detection and response solution that helps security analysts detect, prioritize, and mitigate threats from every angle. It goes beyond traditional security stacks by collecting telemetry from multiple sources, including endpoints, networks, firewalls, emails, identities, and DNS. By leveraging analytics and correlating this vast amount of native telemetry, Cisco XDR detects adversaries operating in stealth mode and evading individual point solutions. With Cisco XDR, security teams can efficiently focus on remediating critical incidents across both Cisco and third-party security stacks.

Unmatched Telemetry Sources:

Cisco’s unique advantage lies in its comprehensive portfolio of security products and access to six essential telemetry sources identified by SOC operators: endpoints, networks, firewalls, emails, identities, and DNS. No other XDR vendor in the market has native access to all six of these telemetry sources. Furthermore, Cisco’s extensive deployment of the Cisco Secure Client (formerly AnyConnect) on approximately 200 million endpoints provides unparalleled insight and telemetry data. Correlating endpoint telemetry with network-based flow telemetry from public cloud providers and Cisco’s switches and routers empowers Cisco XDR to deliver capabilities surpassing competitors’ capabilities.

Network-Centric Approach:

While prevention remains a primary focus, Cisco recognizes that breaches can occur. When adversaries find their way into an organization’s network, understanding the extent of the breach and initiating effective remediation becomes crucial. Cisco’s best-in-class Network Detection and Response (NDR) capability, combined with comprehensive telemetry analysis, enables the detection of sophisticated tactics and techniques. Moreover, Cisco XDR automatically investigates, responds to, and remediates threats, leveraging the network as the system of record. Cisco XDR provides a holistic security approach that complements individual EDR or firewall solutions by detecting and addressing threats that move laterally through the network.

Seamless Integration:

Cisco XDR acknowledges the challenge of managing multiple security tools from different vendors within an organization. Cisco XDR integrates with various third-party products, including competitive EDR, NDR, firewall, and email solutions, to address this. This integration enables data and context sharing across vendor lines, empowering advanced analytics to detect and respond comprehensively to even the most sophisticated adversaries. With Cisco XDR, organizations can achieve seamless interoperability, and leverage shared telemetry for a unified security ecosystem.

Cisco XDR represents a game-changing solution that simplifies security operations and unlocks significant business value. By combining comprehensive telemetry from multiple sources, leveraging unmatched insights, adopting a network-centric approach, and facilitating seamless integration, Cisco XDR empowers organizations to detect and respond effectively to evolving threats. Stay ahead of adversaries and safeguard your business with Cisco XDR.