Managed Services

We’ll handle your IT support while you focus on your mission.

RSI Managed Services

Our Managed Services Program (MSP) is a suite of unique and comprehensive solutions focused on small to medium sized businesses and public entities, as well as augmenting larger organizations with specific technology solutions. 

Different than the traditional reactive approach to IT support, our Managed Services team takes a PROACTIVE stance, both from a design and management perspective.  We are here to serve as your IT department, or a part of, managing infrastructure and resources to ensure secure and easy access to both data and applications.  

This is all done in alignment with customer needs and business value.  The cost model, whether all-in or a staff augmentation, is more easily consumed than traditional models of adding staff or buying product, with a great deal more flexibility.

Because of our heritage in enterprise professional services, we can view your environment, and potential solution to your business needs, in a more comprehensive way.  Whether or not to leverage the “cloud” is a common question.  Not only does Right! Systems consider this at a high level, but the possibility of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), providing secure and easy access anytime, anywhere through virtualization of the desktop workspace.  Wireless-as-a-Service (WaaS) is part of our standard offering and can be offered as a standalone service as well.  These are but a couple concepts that set Right! Systems MSP apart.

Ultimately it is the service experience that captures and retains our customers.  We deliver these solutions consistent with the core values of our company, creating honest value for the solutions we provide, always focused on nurturing long-term relationships with the customer we serve.

Best for small to medium business with 1-50 employees.

Ideal for businesses with more than 50 employees.

RSI Workspace Managed Services

Our Managed Services team specializes in monitoring, issue ownership, resolution, reporting, and provides unlimited IT support– all at a predictable monthly cost! We partner with you, so your team is able to extend your ability to support the company’s technologies, applications, and users

RSI Managed Services allows your engineers to focus on your IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for dedicated specialized engineers. Depending on requirements, Right! Systems has the ability and flexibility to either augment current staff or be your entire IT Department 24 x 7 x 365. Ask your Account Manager for a free assessment of your IT needs today!

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