Managed Security Services in Portland

At Right! Systems, we formed a partnership with Arctic Wolf to offer leading-edge managed security services in Portland.


Managing Risk

Our solutions continuously scan for vulnerabilities, both external and internal. For external, these include continuous scanning of external-facing assets and OWASP top-10, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), detecting risks of account takeovers, and automated sub-domain detection.

For Internal vulnerabilities, we monitor risk proactively, provide dynamic asset identification and classification, stateless scanning, and secure transfers.

Your Portland Company's Cyber Risk Posture

Knowing your cyber risk posture can help keep your company safe. A risk posture consists of:

Our Portland managed security services offer broad visibility, hundreds of years of combined expertise, and constant monitoring to protect your business. Our teams have industry accreditations such as CISSP, HCISPP, and more.

We’ll collect threat information from your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. Our systems are enriched with OSINT data, CVE information. We help investigate threats but also filter out noise.

Your Portland business will enjoy 24/7 continuous managed detection and a five-minute response. Our systems will rapidly contain threats and provide guidance on remediation.

We provide quarterly reports on security posture with recommendations to stay on top of current threats.


Security Infrastructure

We monitor security incidents and implement policy changes. We deploy new SAML integrations and troubleshoot issues with MFA and SSO. You’ll receive updates and patches to your firewalls, NAC, and email, and we’ll apply appropriate rules. We help with Site-to-Site and client VPN.

Our solutions help you with endpoint management and security. We’ll assist with standardization and compliance policies, package applications for deployment, and apply critical patches and updates.

We’ll review and update agent policies and investigate and deploy new agents when needed. Further, you will receive privileged access management.

Why Choose Right! Systems For Managed Security Services in Portland?

At Right! Systems, we can help your Portland company fend off cyber threats with our managed security services. We’ll provide your employees with greater accessibility and compatibility. Contact us today to discover how your company will benefit from our experience and expertise.

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