Backup as a Service (BaaS)

With Backup as a Service (BaaS), companies no longer need to worry about backing up, as it becomes an integrated business activity.

BaaS is a cloud-based solution that helps with business continuity. It is often offsite, which is a crucial aspect of any backup solution. It’s also easier to manage and can expand with the growth of any business.

BaaS is fundamentally a layer that sits on top of Storage as a Service (SaaS). It is a use case that serves a specific need using existing but more general services (SaaS). By carving out this use case, business owners can take advantage of a turnkey solution instead of implementing a custom solution using SaaS.

A backup solution is not complete without a proper recovery service, which is part of cloud backup services. Unfortunately, business owners often overlook this aspect when trying to implement a backup solution.

At Right! Systems, our BaaS includes extensive retention time options, support for SaaS applications, and Microsoft Office 365. In addition, we offer guaranteed on-demand availability and defined SLAs. It is a fully flexible and customizable solution.

Most companies are aware that ransomware is on the rise. As such, we offer immutable backups to counteract these threats. Our solutions integrate easily with our data protection portfolio.

Right! Systems is a Cohesity Powered BaaS partner. This partnership offers high-quality BaaS but is cost-effective. We also provide full-featured backup functionality for companies looking to scale their backup efforts.

Backup as a Service

Benefits of Our Backup as a Service (BaaS)

What are the benefits of our cloud BaaS solution? The Right! Systems / Cohesity BaaS solution provides a flexible, fully-managed, and self-managed backup. Companies can take advantage of cloud and colocation services.

Security and recoverability are crucial components for any solid backup solution. Our BaaS provides both! Our solutions follow strict industry guidelines on security, with fast recovery options that begin instantly, no matter where you’re located. These benefits alone can save thousands of dollars for companies.

Backup solutions should grow with a business. Therefore, a scalable solution is a must for today’s ever-growing data demands. Our Backup as a Service solutions are efficient and are updated constantly to ensure that the best implementations are available to our customers.

Convenience is another important aspect of a backup solution, with a console to manage the options available. As BaaS is automated, you won’t forget to execute the backup plan. You can set it and forget it.


Typical backup solutions can cause a false sense of security. Users learn how to perform the backups, but they are usually not familiar with the procedures to restore their data. When faced with data loss, they panic and make mistakes that could jeopardize their backups.

Many companies do not account for offsite storage of their backups. Cloud BaaS is implemented with redundancy, ensuring your data is protected from natural disasters. If there is an onsite disaster, the data can be retrieved from another location not affected by the disaster.

When looking for a Backup as a Service solution, find one that does not require an upfront cost. We offer an affordable solution and do not charge any fee to get started. You can count on flexible billing options as well!

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Why should you choose Right! Systems? By leveraging our valued partnership with Cohesity, their high-quality BaaS, and our years of experience, we can help reduce the cost and complexity of your backup solution. We take the worry out of backing up and restoring your valuable data. Contact us today to secure your business data!


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