Security Solutions

Practical Security for a Connected World

Right! Systems has the expertise and resources to deliver advanced cybersecurity solutions for your organization, providing a full suite of services and solutions customized to meet your needs. We will work with you to build a partnership and roadmap that aligns budget and goals to incrementally decrease risk over time.

Our security goals for your organization include: 

  • Identifying business and risk requirements
  • Improving your security processes
  • Enhancing existing tools
  • Implementing new tools where needed

Security Architecture

The architecture that our security practice is built upon ensures optimal protection of your data. Our system allows for specifically designed solutions that will exceed your cybersecurity goals.


Our security methodology identifies strategies to enhance your security while providing you with the resources for effective deployment. Our approach revolves around the following components: 

  • Focusing on automation of tools
  • Building out a long-term roadmap
  • Working on adoption of features
  • Ensuring optimization of investments made
  • Reviewing and realigning roadmap frequently
  • Aligning solutions to risk and budgets
  • Building case management/IR strategy

Our Security Solutions

We partner with the leading names in security technology, including Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Fortinet, Mimecast, SentinelOne, Okta, Tenable, Rapid 7, Proofpoint, and many others to deliver security solutions for safeguarding your data and network from intrusions.

Security Landscape Assessment

Our Account Executives and Chief Information Security Officer work together to assess your current security landscape. This assessment provides us with the proper insight needed to protect you from cyber-attacks. Common questions during this assessment include: 

  • What is your security strategy focus?
  • What solutions are in place today?
  • What is your priority in regards to certain security needs?

Based on the results of the assessment, we immediately start working on a threat defense methodology and security roadmap tailored to fit your specific needs. 

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security solutions help block threats to devices used by employees. These devices are connected to your network and are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Our certified engineers work with industry-leading security vendors to provide our customers with tailored endpoint security solutions that safeguard endpoints from malware, exploits, and fileless attacks. By leading with Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XDR solution, organizations can stop never-before-seen threats with a single cloud-delivered agent for endpoint protection, detection, and response. Cortex XDR identifies evasive threats with unmatched accuracy by continuously profiling user and endpoint behavior with analytics. Machine learning models analyze data to uncover stealthy attacks targeting managed and unmanaged devices.

Cloud technologies and machine learning are helping organizations in the battle to keep resources safe. Endpoint security solutions use these technologies to help intercept any threats and add these threats to machine learning algorithms.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)

As part of their day-to-day job, employees often use multiple login credentials for different systems. Although this can prove challenging to keep track of, it’s critical to keep sensitive data protected from malicious external attacks. Using Single Sign-On (SSO) with a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system can help to minimize these attacks.

Leveraging Okta’s cloud-based single sign-on service, we’re able to securely adopt and deploy SSO to cloud apps in weeks, not months, all without building and maintaining the integrations yourself. Our team can seamlessly provide you with one central control point with this SSO solution, giving your IT team one place to view, manage, and secure all your users’ access, whether they are internal employees or external partners.

Another critical factor in securing your accounts from credential theft and fraud is the adaption of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions. Our engineers equipped with Okta’s MFA solutions can protect all your resources, including customer-facing apps and enterprise apps that store your most sensitive data. We can even keep your workforce and customers happy by implementing passwordless authentication or allowing your users to enroll or reset MFA factors on their account themselves – saving time, money, and headaches for them and your team.

Email Protection

Email is a primary means of communication for organizations and is subject to hacking as a result. Our team of cybersecurity experts can help you stay ahead of the hackers by consistently monitoring and investigating email-related security incidents and troubleshooting and acting on issues as soon as they arrive. We also can perform phishing campaigns while evaluating and reporting on overall user performance. We work with various security vendors who specialize in email protection to protect your organization against spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks.

Managed Security Services

Network Access Control

Companies that have private networks want to allow authorized access only. Security groups can limit the users and the times and places where those users have access. By limiting access, companies can abide by the least privilege rule, i.e., only allow access to functions needed to get a job done and nothing more.

Managed Security Operations Center

Many small to mid-sized organizations don’t have the financial resources to hire internal security architects or run a full security operations center. This situation leaves their systems vulnerable to cyberattacks. Luckily, managed security operations center solutions are available to help smaller business owners keep their resources safe.

A managed security operations center has the resources needed to monitor and react to threats. This provides the ability for companies to leverage this expertise.

Data Governance

Increased data usage requires greater responsibility. Data governance methods can help organizations manage how data should be used and by whom. Data governance establishes trust and helps set the expectations of customers. Customers buy more from trusted companies. Our team can help you become that trusted company!

Discover how Right! Systems can help your company strengthen the security of your company. Each moment that passes without proper security procedures in place provides an opportunity for hackers to take advantage of your vulnerable assets. Contact us today to reduce your threat profile!

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