Security Solutions

Right! Systems has the expertise and resources to deliver advanced cybersecurity solutions for your organization, providing a full suite of services and solutions customized to meet your needs.

We partner with the leading names in security technology — LogRhythm, Forescout, Netscaler (Citrix), Sophos Endpoint, Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, DUO (Cisco), and many others  to deliver security solutions for safeguarding your data and network from intrusions. 

Our Security Solutions

  • Endpoint Security
  • SIEM Services
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Web Applications Firewalls
  • Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) and SSO
  • Data Governance
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Email Encryption and Protection
  • Data Encryption

Our Security Offerings Include

  • Active Collaboration Penetration Testing
  • Digital Forensics, Incident Response (DFIR)
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Information Technology Security (ITS)
  • Threat Monitoring and Remote SOC
  • Next Generation L7 Context-Aware Firewalls
  • Post-Breach Remediation
  • Security Data Analytics
  • SIEM Services
  • Multivendor VPN Configuration Services
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Security Architecture Services
Right! Systems Security can help you develop a resilient security posture or move toward optimizing an existing security strategy. The goal is to get your entire team on board, from the CEO down, so everyone buys into a comprehensive security strategy and a cohesive plan to improve risk management enterprise-wide.
If you already have a strategy and risk management posture in place and want to make sure it’s optimized, we can offer you resources ranging from the popular NIST Cybersecurity Framework along with medical-focused HITRUST and more. We help you identify what your current needs are, provide guidance and direction on where you should focus your efforts, and then assist you in implementing the various posture and policy changes.

External Vulnerability and Server-Port Assessments
A comprehensive assessment of all public-facing network ports and internally on servers can identify both known and unknown open and filtered ports and associated services. This includes banner checks for associated vulnerabilities to identify the potential risk of any external actor attempting reconnaissance or exploitation. Mitigation recommendations are made for any areas of moderate to critical risk found during an assessment. A penetration test may also be implemented, with custom tools based on post-reconnaissance efforts, to attempt exploitation.

Black Box Penetration Assessments
Penetration test assessments are an excellent followup to an external assessment and are used for external-facing assets to validate findings and further map out areas of risk management opportunity. You can select from a variety of options:

  • Internal vulnerability assessments of specific ports or services for validation of an external threat
  • Vulnerability assessment report
  • Comprehensive scan of all ports and services
  • Validation of service pack levels and other details on a host (authentication required)
  • Credentials cracking to identify non-compliant or weakly defended passwords in use
  • Network topology and architecture
  • Administrative auditing: who has administrative rights, and to what, and how should roles and responsibilities be managed for optimal risk management
  • Policy management: reviewing policy, performing interviews and providing recommendations for improved security governance
  • Social engineering assessments of trusted insiders, including longitudinal metrics, to reduce user-based risk

Web Application Security Assessment
A web application security assessment involves an in-depth security review of a web application and web services, including a comprehensive set of test cases to review an application for common web vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), sensitive information disclosure, input sanitization, session-management issues, weak encryption and intricate business logic flaws.

Breach Assessment
This assessment goes beyond technical host and network assessments and focuses on risks involved in being targeted or subject to espionage from malicious actors, criminal activity, internal actors and nation/state-based attacks.
During a breach, our security team can help “stop the bleeding” and minimize the intrusion’s impact. We can also help you reconfigure and/or provide forensic services to pinpoint the breaches’ patterns and minimize post impact—even advanced and persistent threats, such as MBR infectors. In other words, we not only respond to the known tactical threat but position your company to pro-actively defend against the larger strategic and persistent threats your network faces daily.

Right! Systems Security goes way beyond signatures and antivirus patching (best practices by IT) to provide you with leading contextualization of threats and controls to manage risk when you need it most.

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